Mr. Sc. Jadranka Delač Hrupelj


MA in Psychology, Teacher of the cybernetics of psychotherapy, Wingwave coach (BSI), OD and HR consultant with over 35 years of professional experience

Zrinka Hrupelj

managing director at Creativa and Creativa test

MA in Linguistics, NLP trainer and coach (DVNLP), MBA , People and Culture Development consultant with over 15 years of professional experience

Ema Borovina

managing director at Creativa BH

BA in Psychology, OD and HR consultant, leadership and soft skills trainer and coach with almost 20 years of professional experience

Barbara Tkalčević Popić

team leader at Creativa test

MA in Psychology, NLP coach, OD, HR and People Development consultant with almost 10 years of experinece

Nina Gotal Škacan

HR specialist

MA in Psychology

Marija Marelja

People Development specialist

MA in Psychology

Barbara Osmec

HR specilaist

MA in Psychology

Adna Bašić

HR specialist

MA in Psychology