Organizational efficiency and development

Selection and assessment

For companies in search for new employees we provide professional assessment, as well as services that facilitate selection- and recruitment- department’s development.

  • Professional selection: psychological testing, knowledge testing, selection interview, situational testing and assessment centre, report on all candidates’ potentials and development areas
  • Whole recruitment process: job announcement and collecting applications, professional assessment, recommendations and report on expected performance for best candidates
  • Training in selection interview for managers and HR associates
  • Profiles for most common jobs – for organizations that employ larger number of persons for very similar type of work (e.g. salesmen)
  • Standardization of the recruitment and selection processes

Competency system

We provide a wide range of HR consulting services that help companies design and implement competency-based development system: design optimal, future-oriented competency model, create competency catalogue (define key competencies and identify and describe indicators), assess current level of key competencies, and create and conduct programs aimed to develop key competencies (for employees and for managers).

Performance management

For companies which are creating performance management system, we provide services of consulting throughout designing- and implementation- processes. We also educate managers in skills required to manage employees’ performances.

Organizational culture

Our consultants help companies create or change organizational culture into a culture of achievement and development; we coach management in defining and implementing new value systems, conduct researches of current organizational culture indicators, and facilitate overall process of changing organizational culture (with coaching, education, supervision and consulting).

Strategy and changes

With our services of facilitation, coaching and tailor-made trainings, we help management or teams create their overall business- and development- strategy and/ or manage changes in organization. We also create and conduct programs which are aimed to help mangers and employees prepare for change, increase flexibility in thinking and behaving, develop self-consciousness and emotional intelligence.