In coaching we combine methods of cognitive coaching and emotional coaching (NLP coaching, Winigwave, hypnosis). Beside formal coaching certificates, our coaches have psychology-based professional background and years of experience as consultants, and as counselors or psychotherapists.

Coaching for managers and entrepreneurs

When dealing with problems such as:

  • inefficiency in decision-making or problem solving
  • high level of stress, poor time-, energy- and emotion- management
  • repeated conflicts with particular person(s), lack of clarity in communication, difficulties in understanding others
  • need to activate and /or integrate cognitive (rational) and creative (emotional) potentials

Team coaching

For teams aiming to

  • define team mission, vision and value system
  • create greater cooperation, efficiency and productivity
  • produce new products or services, become more creative in everyday work
  • find solutions for repeated team problems or conflicts


For all persons

  • interested in creating optimal work-life balance
  • dealing with work-related problems, such as week motivation or strong discontent
  • feeling speech anxiety
  • unsatisfied in private or business relationships, aiming to create better understanding with other people