Developing teams

Team trainings

(1 or 2 days each)

  • Team identity (mission, vision and values)
  • Team time management
  • Emotionally intelligent team
  • Team communication and trust
  • Team cooperation and conflict management
  • Team discussions
  • Team creativity

Tailor-made programs

We facilitate team forming process with tailor-made programs, which combine team coaching and trainings:

For (project) teams just starting to work together – programs aimed to create interconnection of members, develop mutual trust, focus members on team goals and help each member become true part of team

For multi-national and multi-cultural teams – programs aimed to help team members to get to know each other better, recognize their similarities and differences in expectations, interpersonal styles, behavior, communication patterns and other aspects of culture, develop flexibility and mutual trust and understanding, focus on team goals

For teams aiming to create stronger creative synergy – programs that facilitate creative processes, activate and integrate all members’ creative potentials, teach team members how to solve conflicts and problems in team, and help them develop high level of cooperation

Workshops within team-building activities

For teams that want their team-building activities to be fun and useful at the same time, we recommend (create and conduct) half-day workshops on team communication, team energy- and time- management, team values, or other topics connected to teamwork. These workshops are highly interactive and energizing, and in the same time educational and team-bonding.