Developing managers

Systematic approach to developing competencies

Our goal is to help companies create and conduct developmental programs (for management) in line with the overall organizational strategy. We provide services that help organizations:

  • Identify key managerial competences that will in future produce results planned in organizational vision and strategy (insure organization’s growth and success)
  • Identify specific developmental needs: measure current level of those competences and potential that managers have; identify specific developmental needs; create individual plans for development (development centre, other assessment methods)
  • Create and conduct specialized long-term developmental programs, aimed to develop managerial competencies

Group trainings for first-line and middle management

(1 or 2 days each):

  • Leadership skills (basic)
  • Communication skills (advanced)
  • Performance management
  • Coaching skills
  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Public speaking and presentation skills
  • Time-, stress-, energy- and emotion- management

Individual trainings for all management levels

  • Leadership skills
  • Strategic, systemic and flexible thinking
  • Public speaking and presentation skills

Tailor-made programs

According to defined needs and created plans for developing managers we create and conduct tailor-made programs, throughout longer period (10-20 months), by combination of different methods of education and development, such as group trainings, coaching, individual trainings, supervision etc. Each participant is provided with regular feedback on his/her performance and progress during the program. Reports on each participant’s development during the program are also delivered regularly to the HR department and/or Top management.